Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ick Blog Ick!

Ok I am new. I get it. I did manage to make my mini etsy stick in the right place. hoo-rah me.
The problem is. I'm having trouble logging into the blog site to post or even sign in. last night I had my nice little diddy all typed out, picture posted and everything. I thought I saved and poof...It's gone.
Anyway this diddy is not as nice. I'm half afraid to save it. I'll try anyway and here is a picture I painted last night. Its of a vase I picked up at a parking lot sale in front of Sam's club. It is marked "made in Brazil"for a quarter. on the bottom. For only a quarter..I just love that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wow it's late but Wow what I have Done...

Finally after about three weeks, I feel like I am getting somewhere. The studio upstairs is all but finished. A few bug problems but that is under control now. Set up the Ebay and the Etsy, mailed off 2 new call for entries. Started this blog, new cutting board yay! Finished that stinking video for dad (it did turn out nice). Starting the PSA announcement commercial for CVAS this week and retrieved a blue angry bird for Dylan from the claw machine at the treat. Phew there is more but I am too tired to post anymore. OO I do want to test this posting picture thing so I will now randomly select a photo.

Well that was easy. Of course it is Momma cat. Love you sweety peety That is all for tonite. I'm bushed