Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Painting Begins Return to the Living

All Summer long it was night painting, which I love, it left my days open.  I was able to pull the regular day stuff off, do things with the boys, house work, shop, dinners on and on. The boys went to bed later than school year nights especially Dusty and his Halo. So getting into the studio was often 10 or 11 but once I was there I could paint without interruption. Nice! I could work until 2, 3, 4, heck lets work straight through and stay up all day and only paint until midnight the next night. I could only do that maybe once a week.Lack of sleep was really starting to get to me. So when school started I was glad to be joining the land of the living again and looking forward to a regular nights sleep. The land of the living it turns out is quite intrusive on my paint time. I forgot this. Phone calls are a big cuprit Little runs are the worst run to the post office, run to the bank, run to the school, run, run, run. It's not new. I did it all summer.  I just didn't think about it and my painting. I will have to do some shuffling and laying of laws that's all.It is just some getting used to again. Oh Let's hope.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Really suck at blogging

BUT! I went ahead and took the plunge. I got my papers for the Three blind mice miniature show. I have painting like a fool now I have to come up with a snazzy display that should be a good winter project. I've been invited to a local artist show. Very excited about that so I have been painting Shippensburg scenes which seem to be a hit around here which is nice. The biggest obstacle I seem to have right now is framing ugh so uninspired to look for the small things. I don't know why I am  not enthused, I should be. I am thinking it is because I am so engrossed in the act of painting.  I just don't want to stop for anything, which can be a problem. I have until Sept 23rd to choose 4 paintings for the juried show so I am focused. Here's hoping it sticks. To nights painting I finished was another watercolor sweet little deer. Not to bad. I like him. I'll try to get back here more. This writing stuff is for the birds when you should be painting.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is it Bed time Yet?

Well I've been up since 4 a.m. and tired. It's a good tired though. Lots of painting done today AND I finished the painting give away contest for face book. I hope it goes well. I also finished 2 of five ATC cards and really want to get them finished. This is going to be my first trade and I am really excited about what I will get in return. I think it's addictive. I posted these two paintings to JLM Art but I'm thinking. I probably shouldn't have because I am getting all kinds of people wanting to buy them. That's a good thing don't get me wrong. It is great that people seem to really like my paintings but I want to do this trade and now I feel guilty like I should have sold them or something. I don't know I think I'm just tired. Here are the paintings. I did tell the one lady interested I would give her first dibs on the next group of Amish paintings. These are more like sketches anyway. Just quickies but they are cute.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well so much for Daily Blogs...

The past four days were excellent! I got a ton of painting done. A lot of up and down the stairs though. Distractions were at a minimal. I started thinking about how many paintings I am going to need for a venue. 500? 1000? I am at 100 now and came up with an idea for a poster for the first 100. It looks pretty good. I will post it sometime this week. I have been tossing around an idea for a JLM art Face book contest to do a painting give away. It goes like this: 1. Start with a post stating contest coming. 2. ask friends to come up with a subject idea for me to paint, telling them to make it something they would like to have, be it a picture of their child, the empire state building, their dog whatever. 3. then at the end of the week i print out all the listing ideas cut them up put them in a bag and draw a random idea AND video tape me doing it and announcing it post to YouTube then post to JLM art. I guess I will need to post the rules and give them a time to check back to see who won. of course I will post to JLM but still to give them a heads up. I like this idea and I want to do one with this new poster if it goes well. Also did a great little painting of a friends dog last night. It was on the fly, one of those instant idea painting ideas that seemed to go perfectly. I love it when that happens probably because it's so rare that it does. That's all for now. Painting tonight lots of ideas floating around in my head.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Long day and just getting started...

Welp, It is 9:45, Dylan is finally in bed, Dusty has a little friend over( I say little but he's actually 6'1) Duane is off to watch through the worm whole and I get to retreat finally to the studio. I have some great idea's for Fall/ Halloween pics. Did some research on a few Doll house shows. One of which is in Somerset (not to awful far able) I sent an email tonight to get more info...we shall see. This morning I picked up some Hot Press paper (time to get serious) I'm ready to dive in. So I'm done here. Pics tomorrow to post...I don't want to cut into my painting time...oh and Dusty spilled crickets all over the inside of my car... that is all.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Youtube Try

The Video doesn't have music yet but I wanted to see if I could get it to post into my blog.
I am going to bed early tonight. (Early is before midnight) so I can get up early.(early is 4 a.m.). I can't wait to use my new magnifying lamp. Oh the things that thrill me.

Monday, July 4, 2011

You Tube and Deviled Eggs

Well I'm still recovering from last night's all-nighter..technically NOT an all-nighter, I did get 2 hours of sleep but close enough. Today I spent a couple hours putting together a video of some of my work. It's nice but it needs music.
I still have photo's to unload off the camera before tonight, make deviled eggs. eek! I'm behind. Painting will have to happen later.

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Wow, where is the time going? The next thing you know it will be fair week and that is the half way point of summer. I did get out and paint over the weekend. Just to the back yard to do some flower studies. It took some getting used to being out side with all my stuff I haven't been out since last summer and the transition is a bit awkward. You don't know where your paints don't no where the water is...paper towels go missing. So 2 little paintings to show for it. and that's not bad. I did manage to get everything I wanted up on Etsy last night and tonite I want to get some good firework shots. We shall see

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ick Blog Ick!

Ok I am new. I get it. I did manage to make my mini etsy stick in the right place. hoo-rah me.
The problem is. I'm having trouble logging into the blog site to post or even sign in. last night I had my nice little diddy all typed out, picture posted and everything. I thought I saved and poof...It's gone.
Anyway this diddy is not as nice. I'm half afraid to save it. I'll try anyway and here is a picture I painted last night. Its of a vase I picked up at a parking lot sale in front of Sam's club. It is marked "made in Brazil"for a quarter. on the bottom. For only a quarter..I just love that.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wow it's late but Wow what I have Done...

Finally after about three weeks, I feel like I am getting somewhere. The studio upstairs is all but finished. A few bug problems but that is under control now. Set up the Ebay and the Etsy, mailed off 2 new call for entries. Started this blog, new cutting board yay! Finished that stinking video for dad (it did turn out nice). Starting the PSA announcement commercial for CVAS this week and retrieved a blue angry bird for Dylan from the claw machine at the treat. Phew there is more but I am too tired to post anymore. OO I do want to test this posting picture thing so I will now randomly select a photo.

Well that was easy. Of course it is Momma cat. Love you sweety peety That is all for tonite. I'm bushed