Sunday, June 3, 2012

Give The Cat His Medicine Already !

Poor King. He is an indoor cat who got out and instigated a fight with momma cat, a very experienced street smart girl who is not taking any of pretty boys guff. So it is now week two of antibiotics and things are looking a bit normal again. Momma still sits at the studio door waiting to pounce inside and King is back in the window.
   I have been so side tracked with "stuff" fighting cats and bad chemistry grades.  I have managed to do some artwork. I have started a little venture with a friend I met at a miniature show( but that's secret for now just til we get things going).  I am back into watercolors again and taking a break from the oils. I have been glued to the computer these days designing and scanning watercolor pieces into wallpapers and borders. The Philadelphia Miniaturia is not until November but I really want to have things perfect for it. I want the packaging to be just as pretty as the wallpapers.  I started my Halloween series as well, getting a jump on things at this rate I should be ready to work on Christmas in July. My next miniature show is not until July 15 so i have a little space and the solstice festival is in 2 weeks so I better get moving on that. It is outdoors so I better dig out the tent. This week between cleaning and solstice I should be pretty busy, maybe I will have a painting or two to sneak peek for you. I am going to try and keep the Halloween series under raps but MAYBE I will but one here. For now, here is the new wallpaper I finished tonite. Titled: Gnome Sweet Gnome:) People are asking about them so I really have to make putting these guys up on etsy a priority this week.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

REALLY trying to understand how Pinterest works

I think I am going to love it. Not sure. I have a pinterest account finally. I want to post lots of pictures and so far I have figured out that unless they are online you can't pin them. I am a genius! So even tho this is my art blog I am going to post my pictures of my cats. to make it fall in line with "Art" of this blog. I will post a miniature painting that I did of King and Sassy. Just so we are square on the art blog thing. For future pins I may have to start another blog just for a place to post my pictures so I can pin. Wow talk about catering my life around Pinterest. Any way here are some of my babies photos : King, Sassy and Momma (Momma is my garden outside cat) Momma keeps me company while I dig. She is awesome. 

"Two Bad Bengal cats" painting in my etsy store.

King and Sassy
King squishing Sassy


My Momma Cat

Prettiest one eyed cat you will EVER see.

Momma ready to do some Gardening

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo,Baby, Derby and wallpaper

I have all kinds of distractions going on right now. Finally the weather is turning from rain to sunshine so I can get out and do some yard work. I have picked my horses for today (Go Daddy Long Legs) and have prepared  a delicious bowl of salsa for the race this evening. Somewhere amongst all this I did manage to get something done in the way of mini's. I have side tracked from my painting and created a couple of neat doll house wall papers.  Even working on some packaging. I guess it let's me play designer again on my own terms. Well its fun. I know they are not ready for the shop. I still have some bugs to work out. I am even thinking about making them down load files for purchase. It is still so up in the air but here is a peek at them. I have some more ideas to work on before I get back to painting.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Close Call!

Well the weekend was a tremendous bust!. I had planned to get out of the studio for a couple of hours. Enjoy the weather and get some much needed gardening done. As you can see from this picture
 not much got accomplished. I bent over to rake some leaves from the rose of Sharon's. and my back went out and I hit the ground. I did manage to pull myself to the living room get my phone and called my sister. No answer. So I just laid there listen to the radio because the TV was off finally after about 45 minutes the troops came and helped me off the floor. I was really worried because I have the Doll house show in Lancaster This coming Sunday. Well fortunately it is not going to be a week long thing. I was up and around today a bit sore but ok. I will probably wait on any gardening though until after the show Sunday.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Painting Begins Return to the Living

All Summer long it was night painting, which I love, it left my days open.  I was able to pull the regular day stuff off, do things with the boys, house work, shop, dinners on and on. The boys went to bed later than school year nights especially Dusty and his Halo. So getting into the studio was often 10 or 11 but once I was there I could paint without interruption. Nice! I could work until 2, 3, 4, heck lets work straight through and stay up all day and only paint until midnight the next night. I could only do that maybe once a week.Lack of sleep was really starting to get to me. So when school started I was glad to be joining the land of the living again and looking forward to a regular nights sleep. The land of the living it turns out is quite intrusive on my paint time. I forgot this. Phone calls are a big cuprit Little runs are the worst run to the post office, run to the bank, run to the school, run, run, run. It's not new. I did it all summer.  I just didn't think about it and my painting. I will have to do some shuffling and laying of laws that's all.It is just some getting used to again. Oh Let's hope.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Really suck at blogging

BUT! I went ahead and took the plunge. I got my papers for the Three blind mice miniature show. I have painting like a fool now I have to come up with a snazzy display that should be a good winter project. I've been invited to a local artist show. Very excited about that so I have been painting Shippensburg scenes which seem to be a hit around here which is nice. The biggest obstacle I seem to have right now is framing ugh so uninspired to look for the small things. I don't know why I am  not enthused, I should be. I am thinking it is because I am so engrossed in the act of painting.  I just don't want to stop for anything, which can be a problem. I have until Sept 23rd to choose 4 paintings for the juried show so I am focused. Here's hoping it sticks. To nights painting I finished was another watercolor sweet little deer. Not to bad. I like him. I'll try to get back here more. This writing stuff is for the birds when you should be painting.