Monday, April 16, 2012

Close Call!

Well the weekend was a tremendous bust!. I had planned to get out of the studio for a couple of hours. Enjoy the weather and get some much needed gardening done. As you can see from this picture
 not much got accomplished. I bent over to rake some leaves from the rose of Sharon's. and my back went out and I hit the ground. I did manage to pull myself to the living room get my phone and called my sister. No answer. So I just laid there listen to the radio because the TV was off finally after about 45 minutes the troops came and helped me off the floor. I was really worried because I have the Doll house show in Lancaster This coming Sunday. Well fortunately it is not going to be a week long thing. I was up and around today a bit sore but ok. I will probably wait on any gardening though until after the show Sunday.