Thursday, May 17, 2012

REALLY trying to understand how Pinterest works

I think I am going to love it. Not sure. I have a pinterest account finally. I want to post lots of pictures and so far I have figured out that unless they are online you can't pin them. I am a genius! So even tho this is my art blog I am going to post my pictures of my cats. to make it fall in line with "Art" of this blog. I will post a miniature painting that I did of King and Sassy. Just so we are square on the art blog thing. For future pins I may have to start another blog just for a place to post my pictures so I can pin. Wow talk about catering my life around Pinterest. Any way here are some of my babies photos : King, Sassy and Momma (Momma is my garden outside cat) Momma keeps me company while I dig. She is awesome. 

"Two Bad Bengal cats" painting in my etsy store.

King and Sassy
King squishing Sassy


My Momma Cat

Prettiest one eyed cat you will EVER see.

Momma ready to do some Gardening

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo,Baby, Derby and wallpaper

I have all kinds of distractions going on right now. Finally the weather is turning from rain to sunshine so I can get out and do some yard work. I have picked my horses for today (Go Daddy Long Legs) and have prepared  a delicious bowl of salsa for the race this evening. Somewhere amongst all this I did manage to get something done in the way of mini's. I have side tracked from my painting and created a couple of neat doll house wall papers.  Even working on some packaging. I guess it let's me play designer again on my own terms. Well its fun. I know they are not ready for the shop. I still have some bugs to work out. I am even thinking about making them down load files for purchase. It is still so up in the air but here is a peek at them. I have some more ideas to work on before I get back to painting.