Sunday, June 3, 2012

Give The Cat His Medicine Already !

Poor King. He is an indoor cat who got out and instigated a fight with momma cat, a very experienced street smart girl who is not taking any of pretty boys guff. So it is now week two of antibiotics and things are looking a bit normal again. Momma still sits at the studio door waiting to pounce inside and King is back in the window.
   I have been so side tracked with "stuff" fighting cats and bad chemistry grades.  I have managed to do some artwork. I have started a little venture with a friend I met at a miniature show( but that's secret for now just til we get things going).  I am back into watercolors again and taking a break from the oils. I have been glued to the computer these days designing and scanning watercolor pieces into wallpapers and borders. The Philadelphia Miniaturia is not until November but I really want to have things perfect for it. I want the packaging to be just as pretty as the wallpapers.  I started my Halloween series as well, getting a jump on things at this rate I should be ready to work on Christmas in July. My next miniature show is not until July 15 so i have a little space and the solstice festival is in 2 weeks so I better get moving on that. It is outdoors so I better dig out the tent. This week between cleaning and solstice I should be pretty busy, maybe I will have a painting or two to sneak peek for you. I am going to try and keep the Halloween series under raps but MAYBE I will but one here. For now, here is the new wallpaper I finished tonite. Titled: Gnome Sweet Gnome:) People are asking about them so I really have to make putting these guys up on etsy a priority this week.