Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Really suck at blogging

BUT! I went ahead and took the plunge. I got my papers for the Three blind mice miniature show. I have painting like a fool now I have to come up with a snazzy display that should be a good winter project. I've been invited to a local artist show. Very excited about that so I have been painting Shippensburg scenes which seem to be a hit around here which is nice. The biggest obstacle I seem to have right now is framing ugh so uninspired to look for the small things. I don't know why I am  not enthused, I should be. I am thinking it is because I am so engrossed in the act of painting.  I just don't want to stop for anything, which can be a problem. I have until Sept 23rd to choose 4 paintings for the juried show so I am focused. Here's hoping it sticks. To nights painting I finished was another watercolor sweet little deer. Not to bad. I like him. I'll try to get back here more. This writing stuff is for the birds when you should be painting.