Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well so much for Daily Blogs...

The past four days were excellent! I got a ton of painting done. A lot of up and down the stairs though. Distractions were at a minimal. I started thinking about how many paintings I am going to need for a venue. 500? 1000? I am at 100 now and came up with an idea for a poster for the first 100. It looks pretty good. I will post it sometime this week. I have been tossing around an idea for a JLM art Face book contest to do a painting give away. It goes like this: 1. Start with a post stating contest coming. 2. ask friends to come up with a subject idea for me to paint, telling them to make it something they would like to have, be it a picture of their child, the empire state building, their dog whatever. 3. then at the end of the week i print out all the listing ideas cut them up put them in a bag and draw a random idea AND video tape me doing it and announcing it post to YouTube then post to JLM art. I guess I will need to post the rules and give them a time to check back to see who won. of course I will post to JLM but still to give them a heads up. I like this idea and I want to do one with this new poster if it goes well. Also did a great little painting of a friends dog last night. It was on the fly, one of those instant idea painting ideas that seemed to go perfectly. I love it when that happens probably because it's so rare that it does. That's all for now. Painting tonight lots of ideas floating around in my head.

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