Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo,Baby, Derby and wallpaper

I have all kinds of distractions going on right now. Finally the weather is turning from rain to sunshine so I can get out and do some yard work. I have picked my horses for today (Go Daddy Long Legs) and have prepared  a delicious bowl of salsa for the race this evening. Somewhere amongst all this I did manage to get something done in the way of mini's. I have side tracked from my painting and created a couple of neat doll house wall papers.  Even working on some packaging. I guess it let's me play designer again on my own terms. Well its fun. I know they are not ready for the shop. I still have some bugs to work out. I am even thinking about making them down load files for purchase. It is still so up in the air but here is a peek at them. I have some more ideas to work on before I get back to painting.

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